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Our Mission

Faculty-mentored research and creative activities are an integral component of undergraduate education at the University of California.  It has been shown that engaging students, particularly first-generation and underrepresented groups, in undergraduate research both increases degree of completion rates for participants and results in participants being more likely to see faculty and graduate student instructors as positive influences who are invested in their academic success.

Undergraduate research experiences provide numerous benefits to students, regardless of their future career choices. Students who have the opportunity to engage in research or creative projects develop skills in critical analysis, problem solving, and communication in addition to skills in understanding and applying research methods.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC) at UC Merced was established in Spring 2014, with a mission to encourage and facilitate faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects and creative activities across all schools and academic disciplines. 

Guided by an advisory council of faculty campus leaders, UROC is structured to support three key functional areas:

  1. Resource center for students interested or involved in undergraduate research
  2. Support services for faculty members interested or involved in undergraduate research mentoring
  3. Collection and reporting of data related to undergraduate research participation

UROC Student Scholar Creed

The UROC Scholar community is for high-achieving, motivated students who want to prepare for and excel in graduate school. Scholars take their academic work seriously, work hard to maintain good grades, and are actively engaged in faculty-mentored research opportunities. UROC Scholars are expected to represent the ideals of academic excellence by achieving to the best of their abilities and engaging in enriching academic and professional experiences throughout their undergraduate careers.

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Contact Us

 Student Services Building  uroc@ucmerced.edu
   University of California, Merced
   Student Services Building, 310
   5200 N. Lake Road
   Merced, CA 95343


Our Team

Jorge Arroyo
UROC Director
Vice Provost and Dean, Elizabeth WhittElizabeth Whitt
Vice Provost and Dean
Undergraduate Education
 Valerie Anderson
 Kaylyn Silva
Program Assistant

Program Assistant, Estevan Beltran   Estevan Beltran
   Program Assistant




UROC Faculty Advisory Council

  YangQuan Chen
  Associate Professor
  Mechanical Engineering

  Gerardo Diaz
  Associate Professor
  Mechanical Engineering
  Robin DeLugan
  Associate Professor
  Valerie Leppert
  Associate Professor
  Materials Engineering
  Roummel Marcia
  Associate Professor
  Applied Mathematics
  Kara McCloskey
  Associate Professor
  Rudy Ortiz
  Biological Science
  Karl Ryavec
  Associate Professor
  Zulema Valdez
  Associate Professor