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Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) GE Badges

UC Merced's General Education Badges

UC Merced’s General Education program will engage you with the values, practices, and contributions of a research university that provides a framework for integrative learning. We do this within the context of the culturally and economically diverse Central Valley. In tandem with the major and the co-curriculum, General Education supports your development of the Hallmarks of the Baccalaureate degree. It nurtures the spirit of critical inquiry, building your knowledge of various fields, cultures, and perspectives. General education fosters collaboration, communication, and ethical action. It empowers you to share your learning and skills to address the local and global challenges of an interconnected, changing world.


By participating in one of our summer programs, scholars are eligible for the following badges:

  • Scientific Method - Learn how the scientific method leads to new knowledge about the natural world by correcting and integrating previous knowledge using empirical evidence. 
  • Literary and Texual Analysis - Learn how language creates meaning and ambiguity. 
  • Media and Visual Analysis - Explore how media and images create, shape, and express meaning. 
  • Quantitative and Numerical Analysis - Evaluate data and develop quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Practical and Applied Knowledge - Carry out fieldwork, laboratory experimentation, or artistic practice.
  • Ethics - Investigate the ethical implications of research, policy, or behavior. 


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