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UROC Research Programs

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center sponsors several academic enrichment research programs. Each program is aimed to help guide the student towards their academic/career goal by providing research training and leadership development opportunities. To find out more information, check out the links below!

APPLICATION CLOSED: UROC-H Applications for Summer 2018 Open Sept. 15 - Oct. 30, 2017

Undergraduate Research in the Humanities (UROC-H)

The goal of the UROC-H program is to engage a cohort of 10-15 promising undergraduate students each year in faculty-mentored research and prepare them for advanced education in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program is our newest research program offered to all undergraduate students in any discipline. This 9-week summer fellowship offers undergraduates the opportunity to work alongside faculty and graduate student mentors and provides graduate school preparation. 

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University of California's Leadership Excellence Through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS)

The UC LEADS Scholars Program is a two-year research and leadership training program designed to prepare promising UC Merced students for advanced education in STEM and careers in research, academia, government and public service

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APPLICATION CLOSED: KURE Applications for Summer 2018 Open Sept. 15 - Oct. 30, 2017

Kidney Undergraduate Research Experience (KURE)

KURE is an 8-week, paid summer program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) that offers exciting hands-on research experience for students with a desire to pursue careers in the biomedical sciences. 

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APPLICATION CLOSED: JGI Applications for Summer 2018 Open Oct. 18 - Nov. 15, 2017

Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

JGI is an 8-week program that allows students the opportunity to experience research in a national laboratory setting. The Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) is managed by the Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) to produce high-throughput DNA sequencing and analysis in support of its missions in alternative energy, global carbon cycling and biogeochemistry. 

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More UC Merced Research Programs

UC Merced offers a wealth of research opportunities for undergraduate students interested in gaining practical experience. These opportunities vary across academic disciplines and include creative opportunities such as community engaged scholarship and applied learning. To find out more information, check out the links below!

Resources for UC Merced Students

How Do I Get Involved?

There are different ways to get into research:

  • Networking with your peers
  • Talking to professors
  • Identifying and applying to reserach programs at UC Merced
  • Identifying and applying to research programs across the country

The most important thing to have is motivation. For some, it may be as easy as asking for a position, but for others it will require persistence and dedication to overcome obstacles and reach a goal.

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