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Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

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Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

The Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) is managed by the Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) to produce high-throughput DNA sequencing and analysis in support of its missions in alternative energy, global carbon cycling and biogeochemistry. This valuable partnership provides UC Merced students with the opportunity to experience research in a national laboratory setting. 

UC Merced Interns Reflect on Their Summer Projects at JGI

Undergradaute students from UC Merced work closely with JGI scientists on research projects that contribute to the larger mission of the U.S. Department of Energy. Students also worked with their mentors to practice and develop presentation skills as well as build their network in the field of genomics and scientific research.

The topics students worked on ranged far and wide — from implementing new data visualization tools to using natural language processing techniques to categorize genetic information. Learn more about their work in a series of videos produced by JGI Communications & Outreach intern Ashleigh Papp.

2021 Scholar Videos

2020 Scholar Videos 


Summer 2017 Cohort outside of JGI


Types of Research

Data science will be the emphasis for summer projects since JGI relocated to the Lawrence Berkeley Labs main site in Berkeley, CA this summer. Projects will continue to be remote in the future with the potential for a few students to be on-site in Brekeley. Students with basic microbiology and/or genomics understanding, ability to analyze large data sets, coding, and some experience with Python will be given priority in the application process.



Program Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for selection, each applicant must:

  • Be enrolled in a UC Merced undergraduate degree program until Fall 2022 in the sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) 
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident (funding source requirement)
  • Be on track to receive a bachelor's degree
  • Be in good academic standing with the university
  • Be able to demonstrate potential for success in a graduate program
  • Prior research experience preferred, but not required


The following materials are needed to complete the JGI application:

  1. UROC online application
  2. Statement of purpose and personal essay, as described in the online application
  3. One letter of recommendation 
  4. One unofficial transcript from the portal
  5. Resume or CV


Summer 2017 Cohort enjoying refreshments


Summer 2024 Application is Closed


Students can apply to other national labs through the SULI application.
US Department of Energy - Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI)


Contact Information:

Aliyah McGuire
Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center
Student Services Building, 231
University of California, Merced

Want to learn more?

Interested in learning more about the program that’s right for you? Check out our programs page or schedule an appointment with one of our UROC Coordinators:

Aliyah McGuire: Schedule an Appointment