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Resources for Current Scholars

SOAR Eligibility

UROC Scholars will develop the following skills through participation in our Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI), ongoing workshops and outreach visits during the academic year, and the Path to Grad School workshop series every fall semester:

  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Critical thinking and complex problem solving
  • Effective interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Effective cross-cultural collaboration
  • Effective local and global civic engagement
  • Demonstrated integrity and ethical responsibility
  • Demonstrated understanding of global context and issues
  • Demonstrated ability for self-reflection
  • Enhanced leadership experience
  • Apply to SOAR, or meet Aliyah McGuire to talk about SOAR.

So What’s Next?

Completing previous research or a UROC program makes you eligible to apply for SOAR - Summer Opportunity for Advanced Research. This program will help you hone your skills for your discipline and give you the opportunity to work more closely with faculty and graduate students and allow you to focus on preparing for conferences or publishing your research findings.

If you are graduating this year, you might be thinking about applying to graduate school or an industry job. As a UROC Scholar, you have access to the full array of UROC Services and resources. Be sure to reach out to our team to get help with your grad school applications, essays, and fees (contingent upon the program you participated in during your time as a UROC scholar).

UROC sponsors professional development and graduate school preparation workshops throughout the academic year for all students to attend. Our office staff will also assist students with preparing for graduate school and provide resources to further student achievement and success.

Graduate School Preparation Workshops (Academic Year)

During the Fall semester, UROC hosts Take Me to the Doctorate, a workshop series focused on the graduate school application process. The workshops support students graduating to apply during that application cycle. Visit the link on this page to see the updated series of workshops with dates and information. 

Workshops for Emerging Research Professionals (Summer)

Workshops are designed to provide information and experiences vital to understanding the research process, advancing educational pursuits, acquiring a sense of academic professionalism, and preparing for the graduate school application process.