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Faculty Mentor Resources

What should I expect as a UROC Mentor?

UROC has worked with several faculty in all disciplines to support undergraduate students in their research development. Although each research project, research group, or individual student may have differing needs or timelines, UROC emphasizes summer research to focus the student's time and efforts for maximum productivity and development.



UROC Mentor Agreement (previous form in pdf available for download)
All UROC Scholars submit this document after meeting with their mentor to confirm project and expectations. Other mentors choose to create a contract with their mentee to ensure shared understanding. Below are samples from other instittutions:


Grant Proposal Support

UROC has partnered with more faculty on campus and has continued to support students on their path to graduate school. UROC strives to support faculty in any endeavors including grant submissions. We will have more data and examples of letters in the future. If you have speciifc needs, please contact Jorge Arroyo.

Below is a document with examples for letters of support if you are interested in partnering with UROC for your grant proposals. 

Grant Submissions Document - Letters of Support

UROC is also working closely with the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) to support faculty with grant susbmissions. See the Faculty Toolbox by visiting



Mentor Development 

Below is a collection of helpful websites with resources and information for research mentors.


UC Merced is an institutional member of CUR and faculty can become members using these instructions to access newsletters, journals, and helpful documents, as well as reduced conference or workshop registration.


The Science of Effective Mentoring in STEMM


Entering Mentoring and Other Resources - Free access to the curriculum library for mentors. 


Mentor certification, professional development webinars, a social networking platform called MyNRMN, and facilitator certification through the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER)

The Leadership Alliance leverages its collective resources to address the shortage of individuals from historically underrepresented groups in doctoral training programs, academia, and the broader research workforce.

The Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) is a network of institutions, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to improve training and mentoring and to enhance individuals' success in biomedical research careers. This initiative aims to transform institutional culture and biomedical training and mentoring nationwide.


Managing Implicit Bias Training

The UC Managing Implicit Bias Series is a six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University. 



More UC Merced development to be announced in AY 2021-2022.