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Summer Virtual Research Showcase


Viewing NOW Available!
Read research abstracts and click the files link to visit students' research pages. 


Join us to recognize the research of our hardworking undergraduate scholars and dedicated mentors!

All faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as the general public, are encouraged to view research projects to explore the breadth of research conducted by undergraduate students at UC Merced. 




Due to measures taken around COVID-19, the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium changed to a Virtual Research Showcase. Click here to read about this summer's remote programs.

This unique opportunity gives undergraduate researchers the chance to create an internet archive of their research, share their hard work with a larger audience, and build their portfolio despite current limitations surrounding travel and large gatherings.


Please note that this showcase was optional for UROC SURI participants and not all undergraduate researchers from this summer are represented. 

Our plan is to host a live, interactive symposium in the Fall semester with live poster sessions, breakout rooms for oral presentations, and keynote speakers. More information will be available on our website.


For more information or questions, email to contact the UROC staff.