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Christian Urbina (SATAL)

Students Assessing Teaching And Learning Program

Guadalupe Covarrubias, Matias Lopez, Andrea Presas, Adriana Signorini, Christian Urbina

SATAL supports the community of instructors by collecting the student perspective on their learning in support of Student Learning Outcomes. Undergraduates in the program receive professional learning in data collection, analysis, and reporting. To explore what the learning experience in your course(s) is and how your course is developing, SATAL interns ask their peers utilizing focus groups, group interviews, and observation protocols. Here is how it works:

  • SATAL collects qualitative data of the student learning to supplement other sources of data and provide a more holistic picture of the learning experiences student have in their courses/ programs.
  • Tools are tailored to a course’s particular assessment needs.
  • Findings provide increased objectivity and confidence in the conclusions because students are more comfortable sharing their thoughts with trained peers who have no link to the course.

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