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Undergraduate Research Student Advisory Board


The Undergraduate Research Student Advisory Board is a new initiative designed to assist UROC in developing a strong culture of undergraduate student research participation. Together, as partners, we pledge to work together towards strengthening our undergraduate research infrastructure across all academic disciplines.

Our Mission

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center's student advisory board has a mission to:

1)   Promote interactions and collaborations across UC Merced student clubs and organizations as they relate to undergraduate research

2)   Serve as a unified student voice to advise UROC on student policies, practices, resources and services

3)   Disseminate key information regarding undergraduate research opportunities

4)   Broaden the conversation to engage and impact a diverse undergraduate student body through research activities & themes

What we are looking for

Clubs and organizations with a strong focus on academic excellence, student professional development, undergraduate research promotion. 

Application Process

The Undergraduate Research Student Advisory Board application will be open to UC Merced registered clubs and organizations from Feb 15 - March 15, 2016.  The Board is purposely designed to be a small concentrated group of leaders that can quickly expand our network to include as much student engagement as possible.  Because there will only be 5 seats at the table, UROC encourages clubs and organizations to partner with each other and submit a joint application. 

Clubs and organization that demonstrate a collaborative nature and focus on academic student success will be favored in the selection process. This strategy is intended to engage a broader and diverse audience in distributing valuable information regarding undergraduate research opportunities.

The application consists of an online form that asks clubs and organizations to answer questions relating to the following five themes:

1)   Focus on Academic Excellence

2)   Collaborative Spirit

3)   Ability to Mobilize People

4)   Diversity of Ideas

5)   Meaningful Contributions

Your responses should consist of short, concise answers (300 words each) that demonstrate activities and actions taken to embrace the themes above.  We encouarge you to upload a compiled PDF of materials that compliment your responses to the application.  These can include, flyers, brochures, sections of your organization's policies/protocols, and other evidence of your committment to undergraduate student success.

The UROC URSAB application will be open from Feb 1, 2016 - March 15, 2016.

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