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Research Portal Guide

Use this guide to help navigate the UROC Research Portal

To download the .pdf of these instructions click here.

1) Go to and click on ‘Sign In’ under Faculty/Staff.

2) Use your UC Merced Single Sign-On (SSO) information (same as your UCM Email)

3) After logging into the Portal, you can:

  • Post a new research opportunity

  • Edit/Update a previously posted research opportunity

  • View/Search student profiles


Posting a New Research Opportunity

1) Got to top menu and under "For Faculty", click on “Post an Opportunity”
2) Enter all information regarding your position (required fields are highlighted with a !)

For a list of fields and their definitions, click here.

3) Click ‘Update Position’ to save the position. You may go back to edit your position before and after it is posted.
4) Click "Archive" to save the position, but not have it be published/visible on the Portal.


View/Search Student Profiles

1) Go to top menu and under "For Faculty" click on “View Student Profiles”
2) On the rightof your screen, you may sort profiles by last name, relevance, or by newest. This is helpful if you have already searched through profiles and want to see newer profiles.
3) Search profiles by major, graduation year, or Availability (only looking for paid/unpaid position or academic credit).

4) You can add student profiles to your contact list by clicking the (+) in the top right corner of a student profile.
5) You may send more information about the position to the students by clicking ‘Send Opportunities to Selected Students.’

6) After clicking on ‘Send Opportunities to Selected Students,’ an automated email box will come up and you may contact the students to inform them about your opportunity.