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Alexander Stivers (SURF STEM)

The Linkage Between STEM Discourse and STEM Classroom Environment

Alexander Stivers, Cristine Donham, Jourjina Alkhouri, Petra Kranzfelder

One aspect of classrooms that until recently has not been quantified by classroom observation protocols is the usage of teacher discourse moves (TDMs). TDMs are methods of conversation used to teach class content. The Classroom Discourse Observation Protocol (CDOP) is a novel tool that quantifies 17 TDM codes in STEM classrooms. CDOP also places TDMs into four categories: authoritative, non-interactive (one-way, teacher-centered discourse); authoritative, interactive (two-way teacher-centered discourse); dialogic, interactive (student-centered discourse with or without instructor); and other (non-content discourse or discourse not in the 17 categories). Our research intends to measure TDM usage across several variables in STEM classrooms; the discipline, if the professor is tenure track and teaching experience may affect TDM usage. These results will be able to show what professors would need to focus on for effective implementation of active learning. We compared instructors teaching STEM courses at a midsize public research-intensive university designated as a HSI. Two researchers coded each lecture so inter-rater reliability (IRR) could confirm the validity of the recorded codes. From there code frequency was established and used to generate graphical data. Our results will help STEM professors engage students in active learning more frequently by allowing them to visualize what TDMs they tend to use. Quantification of TDMs will make it possible to test the quality of implementation of active learning classrooms by establishing a standard for TDM usage in STEM classrooms.


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