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Kristal Lizarraga (CAMP)

Historic Places Merced: Digital Preservation and the Significance of the Craftsman Style in Merced History Using Exploratory Data Analysis with R

Kristal Lizarraga, Anais Guillem, David Torres-Rouff, Ph.D.

Digital preservation of city history generates appreciation in how shifting demographics and architecture lead to its current state. In collaboration with the project, Historic Places Merced, there is an on-going analysis with data collected from the previous historic building survey by using R. We intend to study the evolution of architecture styles, specifically the Craftsman style, over time. Through data analysis to extract patterns and significance, there can appreciation in the development of the city. As a result, by observing the evolution of Craftsman houses in Merced, this provides an opportunity to study and understand when they were implemented over time, recognize their significance in shaping Merced, and promote awareness for digital preservation of historical buildings.


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