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Success Stories

Everyone has a story worth telling

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center encourages students to pursue graduate school after finishing their studies at UC Merced. These students' stories reflect the diversity of the individuals and their varied paths in the pursuit of graduate studies and careers in industry. Take a few moments to read about their persistence, contributions to a variety of disciplines, and accomplishments with undergraduate research.


  Name:                   Anabel Castillo
  Major:                   Psychology
  Home City:           San Jacinto, CA
  Grad School:        University of California, Merced
  Grad Program:     PhD in Developmental Psychology
  Faculty Mentor:   Jeffrey Gilger


   Name:                  Keith Saechao
   Major:                  Mechanical Engineering
   Home City:          San Francisco, CA
   Faculty Mentor:   Professor Gerardo Diaz



  Name:                   Debby Lee
  Major:                   Biological Sciences
  Home City:           Elk Grove, CA
  Faculty Mentor:    Professor Rudy Ortiz




    Name:                  Luis Silva
    Major:                  Computer Science and Engineering
    Home City:          San Diego, CA
    Faculty Mentor:  Professor Stefano Carpin



Luis was a UC LEADS Scholar and conducted his second summer research at UC Berkeley.